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10 Signs of Burnout in Female Founders

October 24, 20235 min read

Know the signs of burnout as a female founder, and you'll be able to make changes so it doesn't happen again.

10 Signs You're Burnt Out – Or Are Headed Down That Path

Do you know how female founders end up burning out?

When the heat is on and you’re struggling to make the impact you want, it’s not your passion or drive that’s the problem. You care deeply about what you do, and you know you are here to make a difference.

What lets you down and takes you out of the game is your wellness and leadership. The first thing you can do to break this pattern is to know the signs of burnout before it happens. 

Signs can manifest differently, and burnout can affect any gender. However, cultural and societal expectations of women can put increased pressure on them and drive burnout.

There’s the pressure we put on ourselves too. You may feel like you have to be everything to everyone. Have high expectations of yourself, and a habit of ‘doing it all.’

10 Common Signs of Burnout in Female Founders

Exhaustion and fatigue You may feel emotionally and physically drained much of the time, even after an eight or nine hour’s sleep. The feeling goes deep into your bones, and may feel impossible to shake. You find it hard to concentrate and get things done as a consequence.

Irritability and frustration Snappiness over the little things, especially your kids and partner, which puts a strain on relationships at work and home. Impatience and frustration can build as you try harder to ‘fix’ the problems, which only compounds these feelings.

Less resilience Enduring something that’s making you miserable is not the same as resilience. Resilience is your capacity to navigate challenges that are a result of choices you have made, or circumstances that are outside your control. You may find you’re not able to bounce back from setbacks and difficulties with the grace you’d hoped.

Reduced performance Ironically burnout may arise through a desire for high achievement and performance, yet can result in you being less effective in your business. You might be struggling to get clarity about your direction, plan and strategise effectively, make key decisions, or deliver at the level of excellence you aspire to.

Low mood and detachment Even though you’re passionate about what you do, you may find it hard to stay positive, lacking the confidence and conviction you need to be able to bring others on board. This can affect your marketing and sales, and reduce the impact of your business. Emotional distance in your relationships can also affect levels of intimacy and connection with your loved ones.

Neglecting self-care Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and despondent, may mean you neglect your self-care. You might stop exercising or doing activities you know help, like rest, yoga, meditation and walks in nature. You might start over- or under-eating and notice changes in your weight. You likely know all the things you need to do to feel better, but feel less and less like doing them. Which further exacerbates your physical and mental health.

Difficulty sleeping  You may go to bed feeling tired and wired and find it hard to get to sleep even though you’re exhausted. Or, you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow find yourself wide awake at 2am or 3am. You might get a full night’s sleep, but don’t wake up feeling restored or revived.

Letting personal relationships slide When you’re burnt out, or heading that way, you may start to pull away from relationships with your kids, partner, family and friends, because you feel over-burdened by the demands of your business and responsibilities. You may start to feel alone and isolated, unable to make the most of opportunities for connection with your family, community and networks.

Loss of enthusiasm Burnout can kill your zest for life, and it may feel hard to remember what you used to love doing with your free time. Creative activities you once enjoyed may become a distant memory, along with your sense of joy, playfulness and enthusiasm for life. Everything feels like hard work and fun feels like a fading memory.

Physical symptoms Your body and hormones are a barometer for your health. When life and business has got out of balance, you may experience physical issues such as PMS, painful periods, troublesome menopause symptoms, headaches, aches and pains or digestive problems. 

If you recognise one or two of these signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are burnt out. It may mean you simply need to tweak your lifestyle and the way you’re leading your business. 

However, if these symptoms continue over weeks and months, they may start to significantly impact your quality of life and business. It’s essential you start to re-evaluate your choices, and seek the support you need so you can address underlying causes and make changes.

Where next? 

Within a fast-paced environment, female founders need to know how to thrive through the challenges they face in business while juggling the demands of family life.

I can show you how to ensure you’re making the best use of your time, energy and resources, so you can excel and perform at your best.

You have a wealth of knowledge and skills that are in demand, along with a unique perspective  and message the world needs right now.

Your wellbeing and leadership are what powers your success, enabling you and your business to thrive and be profitable and sustainable over the long term.

I have over 15 years experience of facilitating deep transformation in women’s lives, and expertise in integrative women’s health and feminine leadership. I can help you end burnout, transform your game, and play to win, so that you can increase your impact and income without sacrificing your health or relationships.

Are you ready to play by new rules, feel like the person you were always meant to be, doing the work you were put on this planet to do? 

Click HERE to find out more about my approach and join the Here for More Community for tips and insights on how to take your life and business to the next level.

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