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My Story

Love, Courage, Freedom

I grew up in Wales. My earliest childhood memory of being aware of the interconnectedness of all life was in the woods. Sitting on a rock, letting my fingers move through the moss, I was absorbed by its tiny green fronds. Looking up, I saw the light shimmering in the oak canopy. In that moment I felt myself as small as a speck of soil and as big as the sky, stars and moon above.

That knowing has always sustained me. Healing from a turbulent home life began age 16 with yoga and continued into my adult life with psychotherapy, somatics, embodiment practices and coaching. This enabled me to stay grounded in intuition and make choices in my personal and professional life that gave me a sense of freedom.

In my 20s, I was a journalist and editor for a major London publishing house. Sensing I was on the edge of burnout, I moved to Bristol and went self-employed, tripling my income. I set clear boundaries, stopped working long hours, learnt to surf, taught yoga, published a book for women in action sports and studied health psychology.

With the arrival of my first son in 2009, I fell in love with birth and motherhood, simultaneously realising how transformative it was to be in community with women. For a decade I lead and supported over 1,000 women in Bristol to have more empowered experiences of pregnancy, birth and mothering while raising my two young sons.

When the global pandemic hit, and now living in the Mendip Hills (ANOB), I qualified as a coach with the Integrative Women’s Health Institute to complement my training in feminine embodiment and empowerment modalities. Post-pandemic, I added leadership and nature connection facilitator training with WildWise.

Working with women struggling with anxiety and overwhelm, I quickly realised my strengths lay in guiding them to recover their sense of self, reclaim their intuition, reignite their creativity and create the space they needed in their overly full lives for their work to thrive. My clients have a strong call to the wild and a heartfelt desire to find a way through to a future in which there is greater peace and equity.

As a seer with a powerful capacity to perceive the essential, I intuitively know what others need to make the best use of their energy in their lives and business. Working in partnership with women, I powerfully guide and help them to discern exactly what will enable them to increase their impact and income without burnout, achieving excellence in life and business.

I believe we need to ask more questions than we have answers for – that there is no one way of crafting a business or life that feels fulfilling, meaningful and authentic. That what we need more than ever is people who are willing to say 'I don’t know' and to be still, listen, and respond to what’s being asked of them, choosing trust over fear.

With love, Jessica

Success without Self-Sacrifice

If you’re ready to say No to burnout and Yes to creating success on your terms, book a free no-obligations 20min Connection Call. I will help you get clarity about how you can end burnout, transform your game and thrive with the work you were put on this planet to do.

Clients Results

Coaching is a partnership – a therapeutic, collaborative relationship in which I support you to listen deeply to your dreams and desires, access a sense of purpose that is compelling and energising, develop your own style of leadership that aligns with your values, and design and implement a strategy that will enable you to bring your vision to life.

Getting the balance

From feeling constantly stressed, to working more than full-time to pivoting, working 3 days a week with space for self-care, family, volunteering and being outdoors.

Finding Direction

From lacking direction and confidence after taking a break from a senior leadership role while raising young children to getting clarity on a new direction and business that works for them and their family.

Starting a business

From feeling like they don't know who they are if they aren't all things to all people, to transitioning out of a corporate leadership role and launching a new creative business.

£60K in new business

From being burnt out and freelance to launching their own agency with a new team, replacing a £60K annual corporate salary in less than 6 months and working less than 4 days / week.

£15K months

From struggling to reach their next level of success after 3 years in business to breaking £15K months, no longer working evenings or weekends, and getting in the best shape of their life.

Highest ever quarters

From overwhelmed, stressed and anxious and working all hours, to highest ever quarters in a 7-figure business in 4 days a week, while writing a book and launching a new business venture.

If you can see the path, it's not your path

If you're struggling with clarity and direction, allowing yourself to stay in this place may lead to burnout. You don't need to wait until you need help to bring powerful support on board. You can actively want support because you value what you bring to the world, and believe in the positive, wide-reaching impact of your work. Coaching together will enable you to swiftly and easily move from idea to action so you can make your vision a reality through optimising your wellness and leadership. We will ensure your life and business work as a whole, with the flexibility, balance and income you desire.

Catherine, Therapist & Counsellor

Working with you exceeded my expectations. I was hoping for some ideas, what I got felt like an exhaustive life overhaul, which opened up a world of new possibilities to explore. The amount of work that’s goes into what you do and the high quality is incredible! I feel more in control, knowledgeable, confident and calm. I'm excited and positive about what is to come. I feel reassured I have options when things get tricky. I'm spending more time doing what I love and saying No to things that don't work for me. I am emotionally much more balanced. Massive gratitude Jess, your work is amazing and inspired.

Belinda, Psychotherapist

I felt stuck, lacking in confidence and had plans for my career but wasn’t putting them into action. I now have confidence and clarity about my profession and direction and have been able to make the changes in my personal life that have enabled me to move forward. Our coaching cracked everything open, which is both exciting and terrifying. And also really necessary for me to fulfil my life’s mission and purpose. My business has blossomed.

*Name changed for client confidentiality.

Hana, Creative Director, Artist & Mindfulness Teacher

With an abundance of knowledge and expertise, Jess compassionately led me towards finding clarity in my life's direction, illuminating my inner North Star. What Jess provided was not just guidance, but a gentle journey back to a profound sense of trust in my own intuition and wisdom. Our work together was nothing short of a soul-nourishing, deeply emotional, and a profoundly impactful experience that extended far beyond the boundaries of my career, and into the entirety of my life.

Penny, Veterinary Researcher & Consultant

I was struggling with everything and felt like I was drowning in my own life. After ignoring my body and mind for so long, I can now listen to and understand myself. I’m confident and accepting of who I am and trust my intuition. Working with you side by side gave me the courage to face things I hadn't faced before. I knew I wasn't alone. I was able to take stock of my work and life and see how things could be done differently and better. It was emotional, challenging, but I am so glad I did it. It feels right.

*Name changed for client confidentiality.

Emily, Movement Practitioner & Coach

Thank you for today. That thing that happened right at the end of our session and you could see exactly what was going on for me. It was so helpful for me to see a familiar pattern playing out in relationship with you, who I completely trust and who I love. I love the pace you go at, and the way you work, and have complete respect for it. It made it really really clear and I am more aware of how I relate to myself and how I can change that going forward. 

Jenny, Forest School Owner & Artist

I was feeling angry, sad, very, very tired and wanted to be somewhere else. I had poor sleep and low mood. Now, I have lots of strategies to manage anxiety and stress. It was so valuable having a trusted ally who could reflect back and remind me of what I was working on. Overall, the process has been life changing. I have read back my journal from the beginning. I feel like a different person. I feel empowered and knowledgeable. Instead of feeling like I was flailing in the dark, I now know what to do and where I'm headed. Thank you. I feel like you helped me get my life back. I feel able to ride the challenges, my resilience is improving all the time and life feels fun again. There are still plenty of challenges but they aren't derailing me like they used to. I feel positive about my life and work, it’s exciting.

NH, Urban Planner & Designer

I was feeling isolated and lonely, struggling to feel positive about many things. Through working with Jess, I now value myself and my time more. I have become quite mindful and feel like I am becoming wiser as a result of my experience and age. I’m much more content in myself and I am happier in my relationships both professional and personal. I have started to work a four day week, where previously I worked full time. This is releasing my time to peruse other ambitions and interests and I feel is reducing the amount of stress I feel in my life. I have found that relinquishing control and delegating to my team has allowed me to work at a higher level and generate a higher quality outcome. Consequently in my personal relationships it has enabled me to be less controlling and have more honest conversations with my son and husband.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications & experience do you have?

I have been coaching and supporting women for more than 15 years and have worked with over 1,000 women in groups and one on one settings. I completed an 18-month coaching certification with the Integrative Women's Health Institute in 2021 and am a fully certified Integrative Women's Health Coach. I completed a two-year leadership and nature connection facilitator training with WildWise in 2023, and am further qualified in a variety of female empowerment, embodiment and healing modalities. I have been a business owner since 2003.

How does coaching work with you?

Coaching is a therapeutic partnership. We collaborate together to help you cultivate the self-awareness, courage and clarity to move forward in your personal and professional life easily and effectively. I support you to release beliefs and ways of being that are holding you back, and create new beliefs, behaviours and habits that support your desired personal and professional outcomes and make your vision for your life and business a reality. When you book a FREE no-obligations 20min Connection Call, we can chat more about your specific needs and which package is right for you. This is a non-salesy space where you can ask all the questions you want and take your time to make a decision. It has to feel right for you, and while coaching will challenge you, it should never feel arduous or pressured. My clients describe my coaching style as calm, gentle and powerful.

What is the investment?

I have different levels of support depending on what you want to achieve through coaching together. You can find out more about my packages and prices HERE. We can chat more about what option would be the best fit for you when you book a FREE 20min Connection Call. I will be honest and realistic about what level of support and commitment is needed to achieve your desired aims. You will have plenty of space to ask questions and to make a decision about how you would like to move forward. This is a relaxed space for you to explore and get clarity on the right next step for you.

Ready to Flourish & Thrive?

Do you believe another way is possible for your life and leadership? Are you ready to commit to creating success on your own terms, achieving the flexibility, balance and income that feels right for you? Book a FREE 20min Connection Call.


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