Hi, I'm Jessica!

I'm a Business Mentor & Strategist who works with smart, ambitious female founders and leaders, like you, to help you create more impact and achieve your big vision without burnout. Finally feeling like the person you were always meant to be, doing the work you were always meant to do.

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Profit at all costs isn't working. Burnout stems from a culture that puts profit over wellbeing. It doesn't have to be this way. Your health, wealth and relationships don't have to conflict.

As a female founder and leader you know you're here to question the status quo, be a role model for future generations and create a business that works for you, others and the world.

From Burnout to Balance

You left corporate and started your business because you wanted the flexibility and freedom to live life on your terms. Doing work you love, having fun. Making a difference.

So why does it feel like an uphill battle? It’s definitely not your passion or ambition that’s the problem. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you’re in the right place. I totally get how frustrating it can feel.

• Do you struggle to get clarity on your strategy for £10K to £25K months?

• Doubt yourself and then question your abilities and leadership decisions?

• Perhaps you default to people-pleasing, shy away from those hard conversations?

• Do you put pressure on yourself to succeed? Push yourself to achieve more?

• Does your perfectionism lead to procrastination? Wasting time and energy?

• Do you work long hours? Feel like you just don’t have time to take breaks?

• Know you need to prioritise self-care but it gets pushed off the list?

• Is it hard to delegate or ask for help? Often feel stuck and isolated?

• Do you feel you need to be always on, available for your team and clients?

• Perhaps you think about work all the time, even when you’re with family and friends?

• Are you juggling multiple responsibilities? Feel like you're drowning?

• Do you often feel guilty, like you’re failing on all fronts? Not really living the dream? all fronts?

• Even ashamed or embarrassed that you’re not living the dream?

You’re definitely not alone – you're the reason I do what I do! As a female founder you’re leading and growing your business while also pushing against and disrupting cultural norms at home and work. It’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

If you're ready to break the cycle and move towards £10K to £25K months without burnout, download my FREE real-life success guide 3 Easy Steps to Ditch Overwhelm & Exhaustion as a Smart, Ambitious Female Founder.

The starting point for change is ourselves. However, an overly individualistic approach can lead to the idea that if we could only be the 'best version of ourselves' we'll be happier, healthier and wealthier. This does not take into account social, relational or environmental factors.

You were never meant to do it alone – and you're definitely not designed to do it alone. Ancient wisdom and science show we are all interconnected, while female physiology is wired for collaboration and community. Look to Nature and you will see this mirrored everywhere.

You are not separate, everything you do impacts the whole. You don't have to strive to be the best. You can commit to bringing your full self to your work. Knowing that is enough. Being part of a community that will support you on your journey makes everything more fun too!

Expand into your next cycle success!

Vision is essential to long-term success, but it's not the whole picture. When you combine self-care with solid strategy, align your leadership decisions with you core values and intuition, and clear any health, relationship and energetic blocks to success, you will be able to truly flourish and thrive. You will experience greater vitality, enjoy more intimacy and connection, and naturally feel more energised. With creativity in full flow, you will be able to find better solutions and lead the change you want to see in the world.


Unlearn patterns and behaviours that drive burnout and create new habits that empower you to lead with fierce calm, strength and feminine power.


Unlock your imagination and creativity, act on your intuition and trust yourself so you can become the leader you were always meant to be.


Welcome the whole of who you are, allow your brilliance to come out of the shadows and be a force to be reckoned with in life and business.


Evolve and expand into your next cycle of success in a way that is sustainable and life-affirming, with a business you love.

Courage to bring our whole selves

It's human to crave certainty. You are wired to survive, and to conserve energy. Added to this, female physiology is highly-attuned to the needs of others, so you may habitually put others' needs before your own and self-sabotage when you try to do things differently.

Your family, education and society may have reinforced these beliefs and patterns too. Staying silent can win over standing up and speaking out. Which means you may shy away from fully listening to or committing to your calling.

When we work together, I will welcome all of your fears, the parts of yourself that may be scared to be seen. I know you also worry what may happen if you fail, succeed, or both. I create a safe space where you can bring all of that, and more, without judgment.

You want to dream the dreams, ask the questions, listen deeply and take action with heart and clear intention. You want to see what changes when you have the courage to bring your whole self to the work, your life, and to more flourishing futures.

Say No to Burnout!

Self, people & planetary care

We are at a turning point in humanity and the Earth's story. But you don't need to save the planet to change the world. You are intrinsic to the whole, and you have a unique part to play in what comes next.

You can be wise and discerning about where you direct your time, energy and resources. You can be who you need to be, and do what you need to do, without exhausting and depleting yourself. You can be present with loved ones. You can commit to thriving in all areas of your life. You can put what matters most first and experience wealth, health and abundance.

Start today by downloading my FREE real-life success guide to 3 Easy Steps to Ditch Overwhelm as a Smart, Ambitious Female Founder.


Envisioning feminine models of success and leadership that are founded on curiosity, compassion, equity and connection in partnership with the masculine.


Embracing and honouring diverse ways of knowing, perceiving and being. Reclaiming your intuition, feeling, sensing, dreaming, visioning and imagination.


Choosing connection over separation with yourself, others and the world. Your business as an expression of your creativity. A part, not the sum of, who you are.

Say Yes to More Flourishing Futures!

Flexibility, freedom, joy

Ready to create £10K to £25K months without burnout? Download my FREE real-life success guide 3 Easy Steps to Ditch Overwhelm & Exhaustion as a Smart, Ambitious Female Founder.

Vicki, Financial Marketing Services

The depth of Jessica's insight and coaching is brilliant, and practical. I feel empowered to make changes, some subtle and some larger – and now have the tools I need to move forward. I feel very supported.

Ellie, Wildlife Documentary Maker

I was looking for knowledge, empowerment and support. I found everything about the working with Jess helpful. I especially liked how she combines practical information with soul food. I have gone from being afraid and lost to having a clear path and meaning for my life. It’s changed everything. I'm not scared anymore! I feel reborn.

Kim, Birth Practitioner & Doula

I feel more in touch with who I am and kinder to myself moving forward. Thank you Jess for this incredible opportunity, I will definitely be recommending you to people looking for support in future. Here's to being part of a generation of women that can embrace their power, and role model how the next generation can love themselves as much as they deserve.

Julia, Musician & Community Choir Leader

This has come at a good time and reminded me about the need to self-nurture as much as possible for the benefit of myself and family – and given me tools to do this. It has solidified my resolve to keep questioning, exploring and looking for the joy. I had a penny dropping moment when you talked about working with your menstrual cycle. I'm really impressed and so pleased you found this calling. Thank you!

Catherine, Kinesiologist & Nutritionist

So much has shifted since working with Jess – I had no expectations and really didn't expect it to have had such a deep impact on my confidence to joyfully embrace life. I feel so much lighter, more confident, playful, yet very grounded in who I am and where I'm at. Deep gratitude for all you gifted me.

Julie, Digital Content & Marketing Consultant

I have had the space to think about things that I did not even realise would be connected, but which have now bettered me as a person. Working with Jess has helped me deal with the past, work through major anxieties, and altered my holistic approach to my entire life. It’s been an incredible experience, completely life changing. I feel empowered and have a toolkit for action, love, self-care, communication… the list goes on.

Success on your own terms

Another way is possible.

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